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Studiosessie BOX14-081_edited_edited.jpg


A model that we have been selling since the beginning of 2021 is new and improved. Although we were very satisfied with our V1 model, we tried to make it even better. At the moment the biggest difference is the gearing. The V1 model had 49 teeth and the updated version now has 53. The gearing is not the only thing that has changed, we also tackled the anodization. To get the best finish, we started looking for an external anodiser. In the end we opted for the Dutch company Nederlandse Anodising, which introduced the anodising process in the Netherlands in 1936. With their many years of experience, we are very happy with the end result. We have opted for the hard anodising process to make our products more resistant to wear and scratches. Hopefully this new model won't be alone for long and will soon be reunited with its 49-tooth older brother!


With our new Boxbeugel model we have tried to create a light and original model. We have chosen a very simple and modern design, so it fits on many different types of bikes. The model is very light and weighs only ~88grams. Despite being very light, it is still super stiff. The Boxbeugel model currently comes in 2 colors, silver and black. Hard anodising has been chosen for all our V2 models so that they are extra wear and scratch resistant. If you have any more questions about our process, you can always contact us via the contact page.


The story begins in 2018.

We started to give old vintage bicycles a new life.  

This all started in a storage hence named BOX14

For our college we had the assignment to make a project that suited our study direction. Our interest was mainly in cycling. After doing some research, a track bike turned out to be the perfect subject for our project. 

The aim of the project was to build a bicycle that is as light and fast as possible.

After the project, the love for track bikes only grew. When we both started riding fixed gear, we were soon approached by our friends now a days. Since we were in the fixed gear seen for a few years, we wanted to produce our own chainrings. Where we could go completely creative on the designs. We like to share our passion with everyone, that's why we started with BOX14.



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